Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm Still Alive!

Yes, I fell off the blog train. NO, the scary guy didn't get me. Where do I start? I guess first, with Thanksgiving. This is the first year my dad asked us down for Thanksgiving. I was very glad to get away as we are always with my in laws. That is usually fine, except that we didn't have turkey. I think this is the 2nd or 3rd year now, and I'm going to have to talk to the powers that be. So, thank you good old dad, for providing us turkey, and leftovers.

We are thinking of getting a dog for the boys. We want a free one. And it has to be good with kids. We'd like to start with a puppy that grows to a medium size, but that means we have to train it. Ugh. Angie shalt not train dogs. Angie has not had a dog since she was 4. Dog/pup shall be a female since I am already outnumbered. Those are my own personal requirements. I'm so picky :)

I will update soon, but in the meantime, shoot me some ideas on this!

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Anonymous said...

All of our dogs until Deeds have been girls, and I would recommend a boy. He has been so much easier to train. I'd also have to say adopting an already trained dog is much easier. We've gone the puppy route-errrgh. Anyway, typing one-handed-left at that, so I will talk more later (ps check out petfinder.com)