Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cataloging our day

I must start out with the funny conversation between the boys in the back seat:

Youngest: I just love these seeds! (Referring to sunflower seeds).
Oldest: But they do make you thirsty.
Youngest: Will a flower grow in my stomach?
Oldest: No, only when you poop it out. Maybe in the sewer or something.
Youngest: Oh.
Oldest: Wait! I just swallowed one whole. I wonder...

Oh and it just keeps going on and on, folks. The wonderment of children.

We had a full day. We have started with their online schoolwork as of Monday, and have been successful doing a little every day. Lots of laundry done, check. Dishes unloaded and more loaded, check. Husband doing great building our desk, check (more on that later). The boys also played with the neighbor boy, who is moving away. They are very sad about this. He is a very good boy. We also went to a friend's house to play army and legos (the moms sat and chatted), which was such a joy. I love seeing this mom friend of mine, parent. She is a very loving and patient mother from whom I can learn a lot!

We also went to the farmer's market. We spent money on food that we shouldn't, and I was disappointed in the produce there. No small farm, non-chemical produce type stands. So, we just spent money on the already prepared variety.

I wanted to get back to the home improvement side of our life. Hubby is currently making an 8 ft. desk out of pine. It's gonna be so great! We will be able to fit both computers on it, so we can all do our work together. It's going to be installed into the corner of our new addition room, and it matches the knotty pine that will soon be our trim and "crown moulding". The room is coming together, which is one more step to organization. Woo hoo!

Well, there's my update. Hope everyone is having a great summer!


Sarah said...

I had so much fun visiting with you! I'm excited for art lessons to start so we can resume our get togethers more regularly. said...

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