Thursday, December 10, 2009


So I forgot that around the age of 6, they start losing teeth! Youngest son wanted to do something special, so he lost two teeth in two days! Dec. 8th marks the loss of his first front bottom tooth. Dec. 9th was the day for it's neighbor to go. I'd had a headache Dec. 8th, so I couldn't get to sleep. It's a good thing, as I hear a gasp, then "my tooth," then "Mommy!" All but dad got up for the momentous occasion. We immediately started working on the neighboring tooth, as it was just hanging by a thread. Oldest son tried to watch, squirming and covering his eyes. How exciting! So my little bugger earned $2 in two nights sleep.

On another note, kind of sucks up my blogs. It's so much easier and shorter. I'll try to be better, maybe stopping in for an important event. Maybe I'll post my updates here! We'll see. We've been home for three days straight, since the big Dec. 8th blizzard. It was fun at first, but now it's getting old, and we're running out of food. I'm counting the days until our house is paid off and we can leave for the winter. It's not only for me anymore, as hubby has already had pneumonia this winter. Life is too short. We'd like to be warm. So glad I married someone like-minded.

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