Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer and Stuff

Has my last post really been that long ago? That's ok, no expectations here! Anyway, we have taken 2, count them, 2 trips to Texas this summer. (3 total for the year, counting the new year). We just love that state, but there were events going on in which we were a part: 1) my brother's wedding and Air Force graduation, and 2) my cousin's wedding. It was a crazy ride, literally, we drove both trips. No a/c. Texas in the summer. We went into debt for these excursions, but will have it paid off by mid-October.

We have finally (I hope) found our happy medium for homeschooling this year. I'm pretty excited about, a website dedicated to Charlotte Mason-type teaching. It even has a reading list. I'm so excited to try this this year. I know my limitations, so we are doing a 2 week on, 1 week off schedule, with taking all of December off. We are also using a supervising teacher instead of testing--so much less stress!

Overall, I'm just happy to get to know the boys better this year even more than last. I've felt that our lives have been taken over a bit by electronics, and that will be very limited starting Sept. 13th. Our fave "real" game right now is the Monopoly card game. So fun! Ethan went to 4, one day military camps this summer, as well as a 4 day, 3 night trip to church camp. My little homebody, Luke, and I have spent quite a bit more time together, and it has been a joy. We are a lot alike, being pretty happy with calm activities, where Ethan is more of a rollerskate down the hill type of guy! I love them both. Time is fleeting at the age of 6 (almost 7) and 9.

Moving into the fall will put us heavily involved in Scouts and Awana, so we are looking forward to that. It's nice to pare down to mainly those activities as we move into fall. We still have the Labor Day telethon coming up, so you locals may see us on tv that day!

Things I have learned this summer, more deeply: that church is not necessarily in a building, but made up of the people. Also, that we are not to follow man, but the very voice of God. He guides and directs our steps, and has great plans for us. Thank you, Lord!

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