Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bureacratic BS

Taking a break from RV related topics to speak my mind this early Thursday morning. I just got some dishwashing time in (my thinking/praying time) and wanted to say I don't want to be a part of any organization. Anymore. Be it Boyscouts, a church denomonation, whatever! I so want to be a part of a real movement of God. Maybe the free spirit in me doesn't want to be tied down to rules anymore. Maybe some of those rules prevent us from loving people like we should. I have been guilty of that. Because I am part of this or that, I can't do this or that. How do we breath life into these clubs, etc. that we find ourselves a part? How do we love people, but not be in charge of everyone's well being? My brain hurts, I become bitter, then "burned out" as churches like to say. Loving shouldn't cause burnout! I've felt like I've lost my love for my community. Maybe our answer is to leave so that we realize what we are missing. But will we miss it? Time will tell. The world is there. And we're gonna explore it. I can have hope that we will find community wherever we go.

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Anonymous said...

I feel you. It does seem that it is hard to be part of a group and not get pulled into it so much that you start to see things differently or not have time for other things you know to be important. I think it is one of the reasons we have found it so difficult to join anything the last few years-the freedom we gain in simply building a strong support of believers around us, but not tying us to one denomination or set group of ideas makes it so much easier to reach out to those who really need us when they need us yet have that safety net and support to fall back on when we need someone to help us. I am in awe of you guys' plans and pray for you often. I know that if anyone can travel and carry on the message of Christ in a non-offensive but real, loving way, it is your family. Just be sure to be home from time to time so your non-affiliated family back home can see you, too ;) Love you guys!