Saturday, March 10, 2007

4 Hours

That's right, folks. I'm not one to go to the doctor, and here's the reason: the appointment was 4 hours long. Is there anyone else out there that goes to the doctor that long? Let me know. My reason for going is to get my driver's license renewed. So I can't walk, and have limited strength (scared yet?), but this lady wants a driver's license. Don't worry vehicle is fully pimped with all the gadgets that would make us laugh if anyone ever stole it. Just imagine: man or woman, driving on their knees (there is no driver's seat); trying desperately to get it into drive (gear shift is unusable, it's push-button); then the low effort steering (you over steer and you're in the ditch in an instant). It makes me smile just thinking about it (is that mean?)

Things happen that are funny all the time, you just have to find the humor in it. Like this: Last night we were driving over to my stepdad's house for dinner (don't worry, it gets better). Almost there, we hear this dragging and scraping under our van. Hubby says, "oh no, I think the muffler just fell off." Well, it didn't quite fall off. It was holding on by just a bolt, probably dangling and dancing, as if just to make fun of us. At that moment, we stop at a light and start to hear honking behind us. As if we weren't already embarrassed, the person behind us decided to let the whole line of cars know of our plight. So we pull over to examine the damage. I'm thinking, I am now a southsider, driving a minivan that sounds like a race car. Am I receiving penance for all of my years growing up in suburbia? My question, when things break , could they just fully break and be done with it? Then we can be the people who see the muffler on the side of the road and say: "who would let their muffler get so rusty that it would fall off?" I guess I just liked sounding like a race car.


Anonymous said...

Hi Angie,
I sure wish I would have had you there asking me the underwear question on my last trip. Also my socks, extra shoes, and makeup. I left all of them sitting on my kitchen stove and guess what, all of my stuff was still waiting for me where I left it when I returned home over 24 hours later, several hours after I needed to be "refreshed." Love Ya

Windrider said...

Hey there. Just happened across your blog by some weird chance. The wheelchair thing caught my eye since I too roll along each day...c-7 spinal cord injury in '92. Yes I know of 4 hour doctor visits, well, mostly emergency room visits when I let the bladder infections go on too long. A nice bag of saline and dose of antibiotics make me feel oh so good though.
Anyhoo, just thought I'd let ya know you're not alone. Remember, It's not what you push, it's what pushes you!