Friday, April 20, 2007

A day full of fencing

Today started the project of Jericho, ok so maybe it's not the wall, but a nice wooden privacy fence. This is the year we are improving our house. It's just time. We feel like we are going to be here for a while, even though we have been wavering on whether to move or stay. This is what I think: Why, if we are finally NOT house-poor, would we want to move up, just so we could be poor again? I say psha to "keeping up with the jones'." What about getting out of debt and saving for retirement, and vacation, and giving to charities, living outside oneself. Oh the veritable list goes on. Back to the fence: pray for no rain, and lots of friends to help. Hubby took the day off so he could work for 2 straight days on this project, (plus his van was so full, there was no way he could use his van for work tomorrow).
I'm pretty pumped about the home school craft day tomorrow. It's always nice to do something crafty since I'm not so good at it :) I love my home school mama friends, and I learn so much from them. We also just visited the "new" central library today. I know, I live in Des Moines and I had not yet been to this beautiful library. We will be going there more often. The kids love it, and I just love the sights/sounds/smells of downtown. I am truly a city girl, but like the privacy of the country, hence, the privacy fence.
Well, we will all be eating breakfast as a family in the morning, and I'm looking forward to that. Oh, how my pleasures have become so simple. Maybe I can go to my favorite tea store tomorrow. I'll let ya know how it turns out!

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