Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I don't want to perish...

So even though I have an irregular posting (it's been a month), I'm really going to try. I've not changed since I was a child...3-4 diaries, started, never filled. I think I'm growing up now? Anyway, I've realized that my kids may want some record of the cute things they've done/said. Blogging is a great way to capture those things. These are some things that are of late, from the mouths of my babes:

Here's some background: We had an outstanding Easter play at our church, and a Good Friday service. Ethan's age group were in the sanctuary, not in their regular classes. This particular pastor quoted John 3:16 from the King James version. If you're not familiar, it uses the word "perish". After explaining this word to Ethan, he seemed fine, and nothing more was said.
Enter Ethan, a few days later...I had asked him to do something, and this was his response:
"I don't want to perish, so I'll be a good boy and do what you say."
We'll see how long this lasts, eh? If only DHS could hear our oldest say, don't kill me, I'll do it!

Next child, Luke, and his funny antics: We were reading one of his board books (Dora, to be specific). We were identifying some shells Dora had found at the beach. We had to name the color, etc. One of the shells was a brown color (you know where I'm going with this), so he named it the poop shell. To make it better, in his 3 yr old language, he added an "o" to the shell, making it poop shello. So, when anything remotely looks like this said shell, or when something minor goes wrong in his little life, it is affectionately called, "poop shello". We then break down in laughter, and realize the funniness in whatever situation.

So that's why I love my kids. I can be high strung at times, but God gave me them to make me find the humor in anything we may endure.

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Jessica said...

That's a good phrase--I had a poop shello day! Thanks Lukey for the new phrase!