Friday, July 6, 2007

Aaaaah, the smell of paint!

Yes, we're at it again. We went to the Bondurant waste facility to collect paint for the kids' bedrooms. Yes, that's right folks. We's here paint our house for FREE; we spare no expense. One will be a park theme (with slide, swing). One will be a schoolroom/toy room (with city/superhero theme). A good friend came over (the one that will be doing the actual artistic painting). And she will be here all tomorrow, too. Some bad news: hubby went to mix the white paint for the base coat and realized that is is a hazy, 1970's greenish-white. So, that is the color of one room. Oh well, it will go with the general chaos that is already in that room. So I am sitting here smelling paint fumes. Again. You know what, though? Our house is going to rock. Maybe not according to proper decorating standards, but I think the kids are going to really like it. So here's to redecorating. It's not so fun while your in the thick of it, but it feels great when you're done!
My friend H mentioned that she had her kids watch(ed) Rescue Heroes. WHAT A GREAT SERIES! It not only teaches things (like what to do in an electrical storm). It shows how and what they do to actually save people (in cartoon language). They are my new fave, and E is just sure he is going to be a fireman. I think he really is serious this time. I can see in his eyes the desire to help people. "To save that little Billy Blazes from the burning building." We just had so much fun today. While L took a nap, E and I went for an outing. I am trying to get in the habit of taking them both out individually. They are together so often, that I want them to figure out their own likes/dislikes and who they are as a person. Anyway, while on our outing, we went to Salvation Army and picked up the aforementioned movie as well as a much wanted Magic School Bus and When Harry Met Sally (ok, that was for me). We also went to Starbucks and played checkers. It's funny, E always goes up to the counter and asks for a strawberry latte. They look at me like, he orders lattes'? Why yes, yes he does. What he really means is that strawberry frappe thing with all the whipped cream. Yeah, like I'd let my 6 yr old go up and order himself a latte. It's funny, because they look at me with confusion every time. And we go to the same Starbucks every time we go! I just take true delight in E's outgoingness (is this even a word?) I have realized, though, that L is not like that as much. He is in subtle ways, but I was noticing that with his cousins, he just did what they wanted. Not good. I want for my kids to have a mind of their own, to stand up for their beliefs. It could be that they are just different kids, but I think parents shape their kids more than they'll ever know. Heck, I didn't grow up with my dad, but I am still tight with money and stubborn as hell. So what does that say about genetics?
Well, I guess it's getting late, I'll update everyone on the room adventure. You never know what color our house will end up next!


Laura said...

i bet your new paint job is going to rock! i wish i could do that, but i don't know anyone nice enough to paint for me! lol

Mama Podkayne said...

Hey, I still have curtains for you. I'll try and bring them to park day.

Also, I've been contemplating your blog description......I think homeschooling is going with the grain, that public schooling is not even on a natural plane of wood- it's synthetic plastic-y. Just a thought. I think we are bombarded with people saying that homeschooling, AP parenting, not normal. Yes, but normal changes and what we do is natural. If everyone jumped off the London Bridge would you follow? Why not? Everyone else is doing it? That makes it the normal thing to do, right?

I hope my typed out sarcasm was conveyed. Heh.

Anonymous said...

So I want to know, once all is said and done, just how much of your house will be painted by Brown girls, lol...We go and let ya mix your own paint, and what happens? Okay, so the white I mixed up for the other downstairs bedroom in Colfax ended up with a pink hue to it (only when seen next to other whites)...It is a risk you take with recycling paint. But I would much rather risk than PAY for paint! Anyway, will see you tomorrow woman!

Ina said...

Good Job! :)