Monday, July 9, 2007

A Day of Firsts

July 8th, 2007 will go down in history for my E. In one day, he lost is first tooth and learned how to ride a bike. I tell you, this kid has the knack for picking up anything sporty. He was on this [2 wheel] bike for, not kidding, 5 minutes, and he'd ridden a half block. On the way back to our house, he rode the whole way down our street. Yeah hoo, another 6 yr old milestone!

We are, as a family, attempting an actual sabbath day. For a long time, we haven't really rested and enjoyed each other because of this or that. While it doesn't matter what day you choose to do this, we chose Sunday. We spent the day playing games, and eating mexican straw hats (another of my hubby's "recipes"). It's basically tortilla chips and every possible taco fixin' dumped on them. That evening we went to Grays Lake, for an impromptu bike ride/bbq. Since it was so impromptu, we didn't bring silverware/napkins/plates. We only had our meat, a bag of frozen corn, watermelon, a knife, and foil. We made those little camping out packets of food. I'd never heard of them until I met my husband. (I was a suburban girl). All in all, a very good time.

To catch you up on today, we went to the wading pool with some home school friends. What a great time. I just love Mondays at this new park. Even though the kids come back semi-burnt, we all have a ball. It doesn't seem to matter how much sunscreen I put on the boys, it always rubs off. I'm going to invest in a different kind, with more natural ingredients, but more waterproofing if that's possible. Any suggestions?


Randi said...

Kids just seem to naturally bake in the sun, don't they? Waterbabies is a good one--50 SPF--I think the stuff for kids works better; I even use it myself!

Mama Podkayne said...

The sunscreen myth: How sunscreen products actually promote cancer?

Yes, this is coming from me....the lady (in the shade) at the park smearing her kid in SPF vampire 100 and offering to smear down any kid who wanders my way. I am re-thinking a bunch of things- while eating fresh raspberries, I might add.

Laura said...

we use coppertone sport spf 50 and it seems to protect my fair skinned off-spring well. the key is to put it on about 20-30 minutes before they get in the water and then re-spray as needed.