Monday, August 20, 2007

$2000 and a lot of days later

Wow, somehow my last 2 blogs were lost in blogger space. I went to look at my saved drafts, and apparently, that's all they were. Sorry about that. On with the current events. A week ago, we had some serious work done on my van. Oh, the lengths you will go to to keep a 40,000 van running. About 4 days at home, and I was ready to go out. So, a friend and I went to see Stardust the night I got the van back. Good movie.

Next day, Aug. 11, we went up to the repub. straw poll in Ames. What an inspiring thing to see and hear. People who still have faith and the fight to return America to it's original values. I never tire of hearing about the original values speech. Back to family, morals, fiscal conservatism...let's add environment to that. I realize that the party I most commonly align myself with, is not very strong on the environment. I do think that it is a concern, and we cannot rely on foreign oil. I also know that this party is big on life, business (particularly small business) and getting out of debt. That pretty much sums up my life in the last 7 years. So, of course I'm going to align myself with people that I meet my core values. Another bonus, is that our guy placed 2nd in the poll...he's also a HUGE home school supporter.

Next day, we went to Rockford, IL for a family reunion. It was great to catch up on family I don't see very often. I again, stop to marvel at my grandmother for her strength and positive attitude. I love her dearly. That woman never has a complaint...and she's nearly 82! I can't wait to see her again in Sept. And for the kicker...I reconnected with a somewhat estranged uncle, who is by the way, my God parent. He travels around in a $93,000 rv, just floating from one place to the next. Neat, and quirky guy. I found out some very horrible things about my grandma's side of the family. That was an eye opener, and it really made me reflect on what kind of generational curses exist in our family history. Yikes.

Well, I'll have more's late, and I'm filled with thoughts of having to prepare for our homeschooling lessons and the fact that I'm putting that off.


Anonymous said...

It's about time you got back on here! I kept checking. I'm glad the van finally got fixed. And kept calling me and saying "They are not going to like me, but...." I just kept reassuring him that you trusted him, and you've just gotta do some things. Anyway, glad the visit went well. You'll have to come over early Sunday or something so we can talk before the commotion commenses. Oh, and bring bike helmets for the boys if they want to ride on Sunny with Liv.

Heather K. said...

Good to have you back on the "world wide interweb". Thats what grandma calls it. Of course she also puts her mouse on the screen to move that "little arrow".