Sunday, August 5, 2007

I'm back!

Well, after a spell of our computer being on the fritz, I'm back to blogging. With our desktop telling us it was performing a "physical memory dump" we thought, that does not sound like a good thing. So, when we lost the internet on it, we were for sure that it was going to crash. While backing up our files like mad, we used the laptop, which was incredibly uncomfortable to type on for any length of time. Hubby was doing some computer work today, so he tried reinstalling our internet software back on, and low and behold it worked! We'll see for how long!

Let's see, updates...I am finally done with the horse pill antibiotic. Yeeaahhh! Now I have to keep up the water consumption. Someone recommended a naturopath doc that works in 3 different towns. I believe that Des Moines, or a city close by, was one of them. If you were the person who recommended him, please leave me a message.

School and AWANAS are starting up soon. I'm pumped. Heather recommended "Learn at Home" curriculum. Just looking at the first few pages, I know that it's exactly what we need. I need structure. Always have. We get our lesson done, and we can add to it with anything--games, field trips; I'm starting to really love homeschooling, and I'm not even official yet! As for AWANAS, it looks like I will be one of the preschool teachers. That will be a stretch for me. Even though I have a child at that age, it's not my strong suit to teach them. But, that's why God likes to stretch us to do things we wouldn't, on our own, be comfortable doing.

I'm going to sign off for now, but I'll be back with more details. Just tired, and I have to go drink the rest of my water allotment for the day. Yipee.

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Heather K. said...

I'm glad you found something that will work for you.

We'll have to talk Thursday about AWANA. I missed too much of the meeting and can't remember time, place, and childcare details.