Wednesday, March 12, 2008


No, this is not part 2 yet, but I thought I'd update you on things. First, we did not get missed by the strep throat epidemic going around. Monday, ds1 slept the latter half of the day, only to wake up talking like he had swallowed his tongue. Right away on Tues, I brought him in to the clinic to get the "pink medicine". I don't mess around with strep. That's only half our news.

Rewind to just before entering the clinic. I am exiting my van when all of a sudden, my wheelchair stops. It flashes at me--short in motor. Can't be good. Thankfully, dh is in the neighborhood. He comes to my rescue, jiggles a few wires, and yippee! He leaves, I roll a foot just to be stopped by the same message. Frustration sets in...but a little laughter as well. It is just so unbelievable. Thank God it was nice weather the last couple days. Just think about poor little ds1...he asks, are we going to go in now? Um, no, not yet honey. We are 3 feet from relief for you, but I just decided to hang out in the parking lot for a while. Poor guy. Dh comes back for the second time, puts me in manual and rolls me in to the clinic. It's funny. I had to joke about it to the nurses that we really were there for my son. The nurses had to push my 378 lb chair (and me) to all the necessary rooms. It was good times.

If you think that's all of the story, think again! After the doc visit is over, I drive myself up to the medical supply store and have our "guy" come wheel me into the store. After taking some parts off, messing with wires, it works. I mean really works--zoomed around the store, tried all the drives (I have 4 on my chair), said thanks and headed home. I was giddy, as we had a big fancy grocery store open up by our house, and I promised the Science Center to the boys today. There were things to do, darn it. Once home, I pulled out of the drivers seat and short in motor. Aaaaah! Unbelievable. To shorten this a bit, I am now sitting here, typing in my borrowed wheelchair. Unfortunately, I don't have the gadgets of recline, raising etc. So, I can't do dishes, cook, etc. I know--bummer, he he.

I will continue onto "today's outside excursion" soon--so don't worry. There's more to come!

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Heather K. said...

This sounds like the way my week has gone. I'm glad you were able to get a loaner. Cooking and doing dishes are over rated anyway. I could go for some ordered pizza on paper plates. Sounds good, doesn't it?