Monday, March 17, 2008

Waking Up

Often, it's only my youngest son and I waking up "early," as my oldest sleeps in. Youngest Son says the darndest things, and I need to start writing them down. I'm not really sure what I said that facilitated this comment, but here it is:
him: "Mom, you crack me off."
me (as I almost spit out my tea): "I think you mean crack me up."
him: "Um, no."

*Pay no attention to the mess behind him--did I mention I have 2 boys?


November said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!! I love it when you post!!!!

Laura@lifedreamed said...


Tyler J said...

Hey there! We should have a chat.

Christine said...

Where are's May. Come back, we miss you!

Adam said...

I'm agreeing with Christine on this one!

Come back, we miss you indeed!

Sarah said...

I was so excited to read you post on my blog! It was great meeting you a couple weeks back. Hopefully I can come back to park day soon! I'll call you if I end up at the Farmer's Market before that!