Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Stitches

It takes a big event, or a big inspiration to get me to write. So here it is. It was ds1's turn for the ER. He had just run out to play on the swingset with his brother and neighbor friend. The neighbor friend was swinging on the one with the 2-bench seats (does everyone remember those?) Ds1 somehow got in front of it, and it clipped him right beside his right eye. I personally think that is a perfect little scar for a boy--it's cool, man. As ds1 is my more physically agile one, he has hardly had visits to the ER. He's so brave--he was only worried about getting a shot. Let me explain the dif in ER visits of the 80's vs. 2008. My son played a video game through the whole procedure. Now if that's not service! He even got a topical ointment that took 30 min. to set in. Don't remember that one from the 80's! I think I just remember being held down. Yep--that was the 80's procedure.

All-in-all, he will have a band-aid in all his birthday pics, but such as life for a boy!


christine said...

It's good to see you're blogging again, sorry it took a traumatic event for you to blog!

I had stitches twice (like 30+) and I certainly remember being held down. I think they used the biggest needles ever for the shots, now they use the tiniest possible or glue them if they're not too bad.

wheelchair said...

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Sarah said...

Happy to see you blogging again! Hope to see you at the park tomorrow.

sarah said...

Hi! In answer to your question- I order through Frontier Co-op about once a month. If you ever need anything just let me know :o)

wheelchair vans said...

its so great that your son is so brave!
It really is.

Im old and im still scared!!!