Wednesday, November 12, 2008

There's A Puddle in the Kitchen

That's right, if you haven't guessed, our [7 year old] fridge crapped out. Praise report #1) I already had plans for supper that didn't include fridge food. 2) It's winter--the necessities are outside! 3) Things just kept coming up, so I didn't get to the store for our big grocery trip.

We took a trip to good 'ole Jim's Appliances, a southside shop that fixes stuff and resells it. We bought our flat top stove/oven there about 2 years ago. $125=Love it. Just to have Jim come out it would be $55, not including parts etc. So off to Craigslist. Lots of options there. Then the answer: the in-laws! When my in-laws moved into a different house, they did not want the fridge that was there. It's just been sitting in the basement used for pop and such. Yahoo! We pick it up tomorrow.

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