Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Trip Taken, A Trip Delayed

We're back from our short trip to WI. It was a sad, introspective, family-filled weekend. With respect to privacy, I will not use names. A close cousin died last Wednesday. She was a private, intelligent, outdoorsy, mother of a young one. This last one just kills me. Kills me. Her husband is wonderful, though. A wonderful dad, devoted husband. I wish I could share my whole thoughts of this experience. It would just take too long, and I would end up crying...again.

The boys got the most in depth view of death this time. The burial was in the forest; we all put flowers on the box, it was lowered, and those who felt lead, sprinkled a handful of dirt. Trees were planted afterwards, then we all adjourned to have food on the property (owned by her dad). This is just a short summary, but there is oh so much more. This cousin was the best listener, and a wise person. She had a memory like a steel trap, and she was a great mother. My memories of her consist of her laugh, playing games together, her willingness always to help, and her close relationship to her sister (my other cousin)--their bond was unmatched--I have not seen any other in a sister relationship.

Her sister and I stayed up until 3am Sunday morning. Talking. Laughing. Crying. Reminiscing. Oh, what an impact this death has on our family. My sweet, elderly grandmother (mentioned in earlier posts) was beside herself that she had lost a granddaughter before her own passing. It's just not right. I agreed.

I sit here now, tears streaming down. Reality of a 7-8 hour drive...one way. 4 humans and a pup. We kept our personal reality close by for this trip. I'm glad for that. We don't know how many days we have here, people. I ponder this--every day I will ponder this. I will have no regrets. Every day is a new day. We can always say sorry, always forgive.

Needless to say, our memorial weekend trip will be delayed. I'll have to post happier later, just thought I'd stop in to give you and update.


juliecache said...

I am very sorry for your loss.

Anonymous said...

I love you lady...you are like a sister. I'm ears for you any time.