Friday, May 29, 2009

The dog blog

Our experience with the pup was short-lived. I really tried to be a dog person, for the kids' sake. She lasted 2 whole months. At least the vaccinations were an investment into a living being, as was her 3 classes of obedience training (that the new owners are continuing!) She just overpowered me, as a pup! Imagine when she would have been full grown! She would not stop biting the boys, and she dug up our yard (she was bored). The boys were chased out of their backyard. Cutie (now Lucy) is on a farm, where she is happy, and can have a job.

The transition went great! We actually got a kitten the day before we gave Cutie to the farm. That softened the blow. I don't think they even said bye to "their" pup when we left the farm that day. Maybe the boys will be cat lovers like their mom :) I will be getting some pics of the new kitty, Silver, on here soon. I never even got any good pics of Cutie, as she was so wild. And if we weren't gluttons for punishment enough, we are getting Silver's sister today. She is at my friend's acreage, at which their 2 female cats had kittens, 9 between them. They are slowly being preyed upon by a fox, so I couldn't say no! Then the conversion will be complete in the Wheelchair Mama household: 3 boys, 3 girls. We're a regular Brady Bunch!


GreenRanchingMom said...

I'm sooo sorry you had such a rough go of it with Cutie. You should have called. BUT, I am so happy you did what was BEST for YOUR family!!! Enjoy your kitties, I miss having a cat curled on my lap purring away.

christine said...

I'm sorry the puppy didn't work out, they are so much work, some breeds more than others. Sounds like you had a wild one.

Maybe one of these days we'll make it to park day and see you again!