Thursday, June 25, 2009

Riding Down Hills with Boys

When this family is without a van, we shall walk (or roll). So, off to the store we went, nothing shall keep us down! It is an uphill climb to the store, but so much fun on the way back. Since we hardly stay at home during the summer, it is hard to suddenly be without transportation. My van door has had problems for...a long time. Now, the ramp has followed suit. We can handle opening a door without fancy electronics, but not a ramp. It is a blessing, though. We were able to visit some neighbor friends at their garage sale, the boys got exercise, and I got a coffee from Caribou!

There has been so much more going on, but this day stood out from the rest, because it was a day of rest (in a sense). The boys enjoyed it, and so did I. Now hubby is installing gutters, and generally fixing the rest of the addition. We had a slight flooring dilemma since we have a low threshold door (for my wheelchair). We can't put actual flooring down, so we went with doing a cool looking stain on our cement floor (like you see at some independent coffee shops). Thank you, Abby, for the flooring idea! The walls and ceiling are textured and painted. We went with sage and chocolate. I love seeing things come together. By the fall we will have it done, I declare!

This weekend, we have a cub scout campfire and fishing day, as well as going to church, as we have missed two weeks in a row. For father's day weekend, we went to see my dad. I really see a lot of my dad in myself. As much as I don't like change, I do have the sense of vision that my dad has. He is thinking of buying property to make into a family/recreational cabin. I love it. That value of property ownership runs deep in my veins. Once our house is paid off, we fully intend on buying land somewhere (down south) to use in the winter months.

We would love to travel semi full time. This is another dream of ours, which brings me to something ironic. My ancestry is mostly found in Denmark, Germany, and Ireland. At one of the free lunches we frequent, I start talking to another mom, who is moving back to Ireland! She also says she loves having visitors! Now I am on the search for a carrier cruise (is there such a thing) that would carry us and our vehicle. With that, I must be on my merry way!

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