Saturday, August 27, 2011

I am Janice Joplin

It was July 2011 as Me and Bobby McGee came on the radio. Flying down the road in my (way cool) minivan, bandanna wearing, windows open, praying to God that what I was following would not fall off our rig and kill me. I was following our future: the very RV (henceforth referred to as Da Vinci, or DV) that would be carrying our family into the unknown. I was the watchdog for the 400 lb wheelchair lift that was strapped to DV, being transported down to my dad's, and magically, somehow, installed. It was a 3 hour journey down and within the first hour, tow straps had already broken twice. Was this even worth it. We were irritable. Neither the minivan or DV had a/c. It was 90 some degrees without heat index. What the crap were we thinking?

Faith does wonderful things. I knew if we got it down there, dad would work his magic and get it installed. We made it down safely, got to see the local museum (love small towns) and had a heart to heart with my sister. It was a nice time. We then headed back without DV, as this project was going to be more than a few days.

I think that most people think we are crazy. Good thing my mom taught me not to care what people think. It has served me well. So I'll just keep singing this crazy melody of traveling fulltime. 'Cause it's gonna happen. More to come...

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