Monday, October 8, 2007

Worship Leaders...again?

Ok, so it's just temporary. While our church looks for a full time leader, a few of us are going to "fill in the gap". It's pretty exciting. I admit, we can't stay out of direct church involvement for long! It is a part of our life, and always will be. The kids love their Awanas groups, and I am really liking the age group I teach. I had real doubts. Pre-K isn't my strong suit. You know what, though? They have a very similar schedule each week, and it's nice. They really need that security, and so do I.

Other things going on: we went to WI to visit grandma last weekend. It was nice. I think we tired her out, but we got to see the fall leaves (as they already are changing up north). We also got to see the house she grew up in. And yes, my grandma did walk to school 3 mi. one way. I'd say that's a big proponent for homeschooling! Can you imagine the central WI winters, and having you and 7 other siblings walking to school each day? Yikes!

Tonight we went to Dennis' house. He is the only family (in my family) that I have close by. It's so funny that a man that was married to my mom for the last 3 years of her life has become one of the closest members of our family. He is very special to us. He also challenges us on our conservative ways, in the same way we challenge him on his liberal ones. It's fun!

My youngest will be 4 in 11 days...where does the time go? I've recently started enjoying this age, where I was so uptight before. He will only be 3 for a short time, then no more. Tears well up as I type, knowing I will have no more of my own. God, don't let me take this time for granted. Sooner than I want, they will be men. God help us to do a good job raising them.

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