Friday, September 28, 2007

Lost Tooth #2

For being an online journal, I really haven't been very faithful! Either I have no life and, thus, nothing to write about, or I'm just lazy. Probably the latter. Don't you just like to read about other people? I have to force myself to write about myself. (Does that make sense?) Well, the tooth losing seems to happen on Sundays. Sept. 23rd. About 6 weeks after the first one. Much excitement. E then had a double header in soccer that day. It was quite a crazy day. Little one has been on the nebulizer, and I think he is past the bad part.

I am having trouble with the growing mound on my kitchen table. It's like we try to homeschool, and I don't have the supplies, then the mail comes, then we have to eat... It may not sound like a big deal, but that stuff overwhelms me. I have been having this annoying headache the past 2 days, then there's the gutting of our bathroom. Oh, haven't I mentioned this? That's right, our friend and contractor came over to install an exhaust fan. We knew that paint/drywall was peeling off our walls from water damage and mold, we just didn't know the extent. We knew, right then, that we needed to just gut the whole thing. It should be done sometime next week.

We are planning to leave today for WI to see my grandma. It will be good to get out of this house. Hanging out by the lake, looking at the changing leaves, and the best: eating at Chet and Amos. All you can eat, family style--so much for cutting calories. But it's worth it for my grandma. It's certainly not the same since my grandfather passed away Jan. 2006. I feel like grandma is all alone up there, eventhough she now lives in a retirement community. She is such an amazing woman. I love talking to her.

Well, I hope everyone is doing great, and I'll talk to you again in October!

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juliecache said...

Reading your post reminds me that my 7 yo just lost her first tooth this morning. Her next door tooth will probably come out tomorrow. She's not a baby anymore! have a great time in WI!