Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Random Musings

OK--now for a more positive post! We had an interesting experience that I'll tell you about: we saw the RV that will be driven on the Live Lightly Tour. This amazing family converted their RV and personal vehicle to run on veggie oil. What's amazing is that they totally rely on God to meet their needs by traveling full time. How many of us out there would abandon our house, lifestyle, job to just just travel? I would so love to do that someday. These people have done this, and here's my plug to support them.

Another thing on my mind: What happens from age 3 to age 4? My almost 4 year old is testing testing testing his independence. I admit, I yell. In my case, just picking him up out of the trouble does not work. Corner time and taking things away is what we use at this point. I definitely tell him the times that he is being good...maybe not as often as I should? Maybe because it hasn't been happening very often. Aaaaah! But I love him.

How sad is it when you hear of someone your age dying? Recently, there was a car accident up by Ames in which the deceased was a guy from my graduating class. I will be going to the funeral tomorrow. I didn't even know him well, but I remember at my mom's funeral, I wanted as many people there. There's something about a lot of people making time in their day...people who have been touched by the person, even if they've only ever heard their name. It's comforting as human beings that we can go up to someone we don't even know and say, "I'm sorry for your loss."

Next stage of house remodel: we are gutting our bathroom. Yipee. Our original plan was to just install an exhaust/heat/light dealy-bob. But, if you've seen our bathroom, and most everyone reading this has never seen our master bath (if you can call our 5x8 a master). The drywall is peeling because of 7 yrs w/o this said fan/exhaust thingy. Hence, there is mold. Everywhere. Not the dangerous black stuff, but the let's quick put this bathroom in to bring up the house value and skimp and not put in an exhaust fan kind of mold. So we go from a $50 fan to $3000 renovation. Yikes. But, we like our little house. It teaches us daily that things are not important. Not material goods, space, things.

Thanks for listening.


Adam Zetterlund said...

Aww happy things! If spending $3000 on your bathroom is happy :P

Hope all is well in Des Moines with your beautiful family! I think of you all often :)

Mama Podkayne said...

:) Mold is icky. have you seen the really weird sinks at the Urbandal Home Depot? It's good to go look just for a giggle. Seriously.