Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Sick sick and more sick

Does this cycle ever end? I don't remember a single time that we have all been ill so often. Both hubby and my youngest have had allergy/asthma related sickness. Youngest was even thought to have had pneumonia! What the...? Needless to say, they have been both living on the nebulizer, and are now only in the phlemy cough stage. Ya hoo. This is all after the oldest had the ear infection/throat sore thing. In the midst of all of this, Saturday, my kidney really started to hurt in the evening. I told it to go away. I seriously said...God, I do not want this and I'm not having it. The next day it was gone. Now today, I've had a mild fever and both kidneys were hurting. They are feeling better now, though. I went on with life like nothing was wrong, and I plan to dang it. I'm sick of this (pun).

So, now that you know all our aches and pains, I'll share some good news. We have officially started homeschooling as of Tues. (with curriculum and stuff). It's fun! Pretty soon we'll get it down to where it won't actually take a full day! Poor youngest, he watched a lot of TV today and I feel horrible. I've just got to learn to multitask the boys. It's so great, though. I am loving them even more every day.

Wow, and Awanas. I am officially going to be the director of the Cubbies. (That is the pre-K). I feel like this is the time. I know it, too, because we are getting attacked with sickness so badly. I was about to give up, but then remembered all the support at this church. Everyone will be learning. It won't just be me. All this starts in 1 week! Also, flag football is starting for the boys on Sat. I have learned that I do really thrive on being busy. I don't like deadlines, but I do like knowing that I'm being a productive member of society.

Fall is approaching...leaves, thanksgiving, pumpkin farms, corn mazes. It is a truly wonderful time of year. Get out and enjoy!

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