Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Wound, but all is well

I really have to be inspired to post,so I've been saving this one in my drafts. Yesterday (Jan. 9th) we had a little trip to the E.R. While at church, Luke was injured by a door opening while he was on the other side of it. It sliced his lip pretty good, but I'm happy to report--no stitches. Because it didn't go up above the lip into the skin, he was in the clear. Praise God! He also got some cheapy hotwheel type cars out of the deal. It was the most pleasant E.R. experience we've ever had. And he's been there several times in his little 4 year old life. I will have to write sometime about his breathing difficulties as he was growing up. Many scary trips, and an overnight hospital stay on New Years Eve when he was not even 2 mo. old.

To update on more normal happenings, we visited my dad for Christmas/brother's birthday on Jan. 4th. For those of you who don't know, my parents were divorced when I was 5. Shortly following, my dad (and mom) were remarried, to which I, later, got some pretty cool siblings out of the deal. I don't know if they want me to share names, so I'll just call them T1 and T2. My sis is 7 years younger, and my bro is 11 years younger. I'd say that they were the only blessings I got out of the situation, but I also got some step dads that were (and are) very important to me.

Getting back to the celebration, we talked politics (caucus was the day before), ate yummy food, played games (Apples to Apples--woo hoo!), and the kids, once again racked up with the gifts. It was nice to visit with dad the next day. He made us breakfast, but then I could tell he was antsy about getting back to work. You see, my dad is a work horse. He is the best employee you could ever have. That is another story, though. After leaving for the 3 hr trip back, we decided to stop in Coralville and let the kids romp at the mall. After getting back pretty late, we realized we have to get up early to sing the next day. Oh the life of people with responsibilities!

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