Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Sunday Tooth

I realize that it is still the same day of my last post, but much has happened. E's 3rd tooth, (a front one no less) has "fallen" (has been pulled) out today! We have been working on this bubba tooth for a while now. It would cross over the other front one, push back behind it, it even stuck way out over his lip at times (hence Bubba). We used dental floss and twisting and got it so it was so crooked it was hilarious! After frustrated (almost) tears of can we quit now, this mama does not give up. I couldn't send him out looking like this now! I told him, "just go over to the mirror and try yanking real hard." And out it came! He was so just took a little perseverance. So we then practiced our "s" and our "th" and sometimes "f". It was so fun to hear his "new" sounding letters! Oh well, just had to share.

OH, I can't forget: I came home from church fully expecting a double ear infection for E, and the whole deal. He met me in the garage, jumping up and down. "God healed me," he said, "yeah for my God!" And I believe it.


Adam said...

The end of your post brought tears to my eyes...The faith of a child is so beautiful...entirely enviable to my weathered heart.

Thank you so much for your wonderful Christmas card...What an absolutely beautiful family. You are so very blessed :)

Have an incredible week-

Mama Podkayne said...

:) Your are so very blessed. And I am blessed to call you friend.

adam said...

Where on earth have you disappeared to??