Thursday, December 27, 2007

Of Christmas thoughts and food replacement

What a whirlwind. Going to 3 Christmas functions 3 consecutive nights. Maybe I'm getting old and fuddy duddy, but do we have to please everyone? By the time we got to our Christmas morning presents, I was burnt out, and the kids had opened more than their fair share the previous 2 nights. Gah. I hope to do it differently next year. With in laws, how do you change things? So, we'll see. All in all, I always enjoy Christmas. Maybe I'm partial, but I always enjoy my family gathering (Gpa Dennis) as it is calm. It's so peaceful. We sit and talk, eat, and exchange a few presents. There are no other kids. There is the only child coming out in me! It's nice that my kids get all the attention, darn it. They are the only grandchildren/great grandchildren on my side.

My kidneys are getting better, so to speak. I didn't post for a while, as I had fevers of 103 on and off the past 3-4 weeks. Finally, an antibiotic later, and I'm feeling great. No long term solution, until insurance kicks in and I can go see a urologist. I just hate talking about my health. But if this is to be an online journal of sorts, I really can't avoid it. So sorry for the non blogging--that's how you know I'm having some health issues.

Speaking of health issues, my little one threw up about the last half of the day. None of us are sick in that way, and he still seems hydrated, so we're just waiting it out. He is currently sleeping on the floor in the living room in blankets. He was so sweet and asked, "Mommy, will you sleep out here with me?" Of course! How cute is that little guy. Big bro thought it was unfair that he had to sleep in his bed, so I told him that if he pukes he can sleep out there too. Gee, I hope that wasn't an encouragement.

Since interesting things all happen in threes, here is number 3: Does everyone have little dials on their fridge to tell them what the temp is? Yeah, everyone has something. Well, ours are out in front when you open the fridge, and apparently someone had turned them all the way down. Pink liquid was leaking out of our fridge, so when hubby came home, he investigated and found that our candy cane ice cream had melted all the way down our fridge and was leaking out onto the floor. Oh glorious day when you have to go to the store to replace the whole contents of your fridge. Hehe.

I'm very excited about the new year. Always my opportunity to become and organized person. We'll see what happens this year.

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November said...

Angie! So glad you posted again. Been checking daily, wondering how you've been. My sister just left for home after spending a few days here with me. It was a lovely sister visit. I'm glad you're feeling better now - sorry L. is puking, I hope he feels better soon. I'm rearranging my bedroom currently so I can somewhat have a vanity to use to get ready in the morning. Love ya girl. ~Krista