Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My "Last Minute Shopping"

I generally do not "make" things. I really want to be that way, and I'm getting better. I'm just not there yet. I did the long haul of gifts for the kids from a random toy website today. Sorry for the non-postings...Internet Explorer has been down. There are still some things that Toys R Us will help out with, but we usually end up spending about $300 or so on the kids all together. Considering the crazy in-debtness that goes on at Christmas, we definitely don't go that far. We've learned our lesson, and are no longer in debt (except our house).
We have already purchased "our" gift. Hubby and I have already gotten our "we won't get anything for each other if we get this" gift purchased. The only thing left is our stockings. So that is our "budget" per se. We have yet to get items for family we are getting together with. I am not so stressed knowing that we have the kids taken care of.

The kids have been really wanting to go sledding, so they will get some daddy time on Saturday. That will be great. There's also a winter farmers market downtown, so yeah for me. I love those things. I'm so excited for Christmas. We still have much to do, and I'm still working on the ginormous pile of dishes that stacked up for me while I was sick. I should take a wouldn't believe it.

E's first front tooth is just about to come out. It better happen soon. I've never seen such a stubborn (and silly looking) thing. It's actually starting to cross over the other one! The poor boy will have to become good friends with the dentist. I have thumb-suckers. Even at age 6 1/2 he isn't giving it up.


Christine said...

We're doing good on buying this year too, we did a lot of online shopping, so we have parents to buy for, each other, and stockings.

Once Jessica pretended to hit Matt's hand when he was wiggling a very loose tooth - only she accidentally hit his hand and the tooth went flying. It was so loose, he didn't realize it was gone.

adam said...

I trust all is well in the capital!

Hope you guys have a safe journey down this week! :D