Sunday, December 30, 2007

I just washed my hair with beer!

Wow, I never realized bar soap would work so well on hair. Especially my thin, flat, do nothing hair. Prairie Land Herbs is my new store. And I know there's nothing nasty entering my skin. Alleluia. My bar of choice was the Ginger and Beer bar, as they suggested. I heard they were going to be at the downtown winters market, so I hightailed it down there a couple weeks ago (slight fever and all) just to check it out. I'm going to add them as an official link on my linky-do's soon.
Note on health: unfortunately, the pukes passed through (so to speak) all of us. L was Wed., E was Thurs, and hubby and I were Fri. Now, E has an ear ache and is now sleeping on the couch. (We had to be fair after all). When E has been congested (which he has), it generally goes into the ears for him. I try to treat it at home with garlic oil and heat pads, but most end up as trips to the clinic. On another note, L's sickness usually ends up in wheezing, for which he has been on the nebulizer on and off these last few days. Can I just say that December has been crap? Just plain crap. We've never been so sick. I always pride myself on my kids being the only ones not sick! (Maybe I needed to be brought down a notch?) Anyway, that's our crappy health update. Just how many times can I say crap in one blog. It's quite fun.

A question to all you bloggers out there: how does one find other's blogs? Is there a way to search by name/profile? I usually link off others, but would like to do a search on my own. Our day today will hopefully be uneventful. I sing for our worship service today, and it probably will be only me going to church. As suggests, I have made a list of organizational things for this year:
1) Papers, papers, papers. I let them pile up, mail, kids' stuff, it doesn't matter. It runs my life!
2) Go through kids' toy room and fit all Christmas goodies into it.
3) Take down Christmas decor--fully. I don't want to find bits and pieces of it in July. Like usual.
4) Addition done--that's more on hubby's to do list.

*These aren't in any particular order

What's yours?

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Mama Podkayne said...

Lil'Bug washed her hair with a bar of pure castile and it has never been cleaner! OF COURSE....there was the issue of soap in her eyes. sigh

Happy 2008!