Thursday, December 6, 2007

I missed a day!

I'm so bummed I missed, so I'll post today at 2 different times. I do have good reason, though. I usually post late--after midnight, so I'm not taking up the kids' time on the computer during the day. Last night (graffic content) I was puking my guts out. How horrible it was. My muscles already don't work right, then they are forced to work even harder. Man, am I achy. I'm a self diagnosis person, so I can say that I have a kidney infection, which upsets my stomach. The 2 times I had gone to the doctor for these, they told me that vomiting is common. This one came on strong. Thankfully, it happened after Awanas. Hubby had already been throwing up all Wed., so he wasn't too keen on taking care of me, too.
On to a better topic--Cubbies. I teach the 3 & 4 yr olds in Awanas. Their class is called Cubbies. Without hubby there, it was a bit crazy, but with our wonderful helper it went a little smoothly. All Cubbies (except one) said their verses. It was great. We have a lesson, craft, snack, game time. We have a theme song, we say the Pledge of Allegance, they have a great time.

Well, the big snow storm is to happen today, so I checked out some documentaries (thanks to for the ideas). It's nice that the WDM library lets you have media items for 3 weeks. We're going to curl up and learn el TV style. We only have the TV on for specific shows throughout the day. PBS is the only station I let the kids watch, so it's Cyberchase, Word World (sometimes), and Dragontales/Super Reader if they're up in time. Usually we miss these 2 since we are just waking up and getting breakfast and such.
Well, time for kids to do their to you later!

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