Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Ticked Off!

I just spent a long time blogging, for Blogger to erase my work. Needless to say, this one will be short. Our dinner with Shawn consisted of talking about how messed up we are, being a product of the 70's and and 80's and all. Everything from divorce, quasi only-childness, to abuse and family relationships. Yipee! It's good introspection, though. It's good to get it all out and realize that we are becoming better parents/people. Also, for anyone out there, Shawn is in search of a Christian hippie-type lady. Hard to come by, I know, but in the blogosphere, anything is possible!

As for the bulk of my day, the kids and I went to the library to check out loads of books. We also hit the new Mustard's kiosk to have lunch. Yum-eee. I love these days. Having fun, reading, doing our school work on the computer. I've boycotted all curriculum for the time being. I do actually use it sparingly, but I'm non-committal. (80's child?) LOL. Anyway, we got to visit with my misunderstood neighbor. He helped us salt our iceway, I mean driveway. It was good to have the opportunity to talk to him. He is good hearted, but as a grandfather, he does not agree with homeschooling. He has told his grandson (who is E's age) that homeschooled kids are screwed up. I have to laugh at that. I suppose that's not the first comments we'll get! I wonder, though, as homeschooling gets more and more popular, there has to be some kind of educational change going on in our kids generation. It will be interesting to see where it all ends up.

I was going to answer http://lifedreamed.blogspot.com on the soccer coach, but that will have to be a future post. So here's the list of future blogs:

1) Boys curtains and my craftiness
2) Soccer coach from hell
3) The new organization in the school/play room

PS--http://mytotalpv.blogspot.com, you can post pics of my kids from the card crafting!


Adam said...

Lordie, up at 2:39 AM? How the heck do you find the energy to homeschool anyhow? Goodness me!


Heather K. said...

Christian hippy? I have known many, but alas, most are married by now or have moved to Seatle.

Tyler said...

I guess I'm just going to have Trista talk to you. She is deffinately the one to talk to when it comes to Christmas plans. We could just have a big happy Christmas/Engagement/Birthday party! I hope I get some hours at Hy-Vee. I don't want to miss out on the obligatory gifts!

Mama Podkayne said...

Hey, pics of your lovelies are up now over at mytotalpv.

Also, awaiting your Wednesday post......;)