Sunday, December 9, 2007

I am well!

Sorry for the delay, folks. As yesterday went on, I felt better and better. We struggled with the decision of going to urgent care or not, and I'm glad we didn't. ($70 for the urine test, $80 for the visit.) We self pay, you see. It's so interesting when you're not covered under insurance. When you ask doctors, "how much will that be," they look at you as if you were a freak. I want to say, "I'm sorry, did you expect me not to care about the bill, because you thought I'd only be paying a small portion or none? Medical costs in this country are nuts. For whatever the reason. I believe it's because we're all so damn unhealthy! Needless to say, my usual kidney supplement, Naked Power C, and water did the trick. I realized it was my own fault for not drinking the water I should. My Power C's are $2.99 a pop, but having even 2 of those a day beats the cost of the doc visit (and better for me than antibiotics--oh yeah, those aren't free either!)

On to normal things. My in-laws moved this weekend. Yeah. Fun. We were there most of the day yesterday, so I entered their house as crazy-lady, wrapped in my down blanket, flannel one around my face, my knit cap, and slightly delusional from fever. You should have seen it. LOL. Just before I came in, my hubby says, oh yeah, there are people you don't know here from my dad's work. Whaaa? I had to tell everyone that I really wasn't crazy, and that I'd be taking my leave to go lie down in the other room...nice to meet you?

I always see pink everything when my fever gets high. The room also bends. Quite '70's really. Now it's your turn to tell of horrible sick stories...I'll be reading your blogs!

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adam said...

Thank goodness for healthy kidneys! :D