Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Best Birthday Ever

I am 30 today. There, it's out. I did no cooking at home, and got 7 inches cut off my hair. I went all out today. Here was our day: God forgives me for sleeping in, I believe. (Also, half of E's throat has been swollen and hard for him to swallow, so we didn't want him in an enclosed classroom setting with other kids). For lunch we went to a restaurant with fireplaces. When it's 3 degrees out, is there really any question? I had bananas foster, yum. Then onto the movies to see the new Veggietales movie. Yes, I like them too. And to hear the kids say, you're the best, mom. That was nice, too. You see in our family, the birthday persons' day is actually their day. We make a big deal. So if that person decides to do something we all like, it also shows that we can be selfless, even on our day.
Next it was off to the mall for a grown up hair cut. I actually spent money and had someone wash my hair and cut it. Not skipping myself as usually all the man-boys in the family get dibs on the money for haircuts. We then went to the movie, then on to Ohanas. Anyone who has been there can attest: it's just plain cool. It is a Japanese restaurant where they cook the food in front of you and do cool things with knives. A boy's dream...oh and I guess I liked it too! I got a polaroid of our chef pointing knives at my head. It was great times.
I am now approaching the time of night that I was actually born, 9.9 lbs by c-section, into this wonderful world. I am so thankful for these 30 years. I plan on living to be very old, so I'll be seeing a lot of those birthdays ending in zero.
I had a new commenter,, wonder why the wheelchair. I got to thinking, have I ever actually talked about it, and how many of you actually wonder about that? So fear not, I will be posting about that more in detail in the next 1-2 blogs. So hold onto your hats for a glorious medical journey.


juliecache said...

Happy late birthday! >clapping<

Heather K. said...

Happy belated birthday! Your hair looks really cute.

New Teaching Mom said...

Sounds like a great birthday! I'm wondering more about the wheelchair too...I'll keep checking in!

Bobblehead said...

Happy Birthday!

Christine said...

Yes, happy late birthday!