Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Snow Day!

Technically, our school district had a snow day. We got about a foot of snow, so that cancelled church as well. Basically, I've been in this house for 3 days straight now. I'm actually not going crazy. As stated in last post, I am blessed to not have to BE anywhere in this weather. All vehicles are finally fixed, $480 later. That's OK. God takes care of all things, so what do I have to worry about?

In March, we hope to get our house refinanced. That will also take care of residing our house and hopefully another down payment on other property. Owner ship is 9/10 of the law or something like that. We don't want to be in this winter crap, I mean weather all our lives. We homeschool for goodness sake, we should be able to do that anywhere and have our main residence in Iowa.

I have to admit, I let the kids play too many video games and watch too much TV today. Our internet was sketchy, so our online schoolwork was not happenin'. We did play board games, puzzles, and listen to Adventures in Odyssy (thank you minimemoirs). I made some rockin banana muffins. Yes sir, from scratch. I am getting culinary in my old age. But, Mama Podkayne needs to tell me how to make her butter.

DH is currently going through our filing cabinet. Bless his heart. I am an organizational disaster. I figure once I have a system, I'll actually use it. That's the plan. With 400 extra square feet, I will have to change my habits and not just pile up junk (aka papers). Does anyone else cringe when the mail comes? I am half excited at the prospect of getting good mail (not bills or ads). But for the other 98% I get flustered. I am a hoarder at heart.

Hope all is well with all you blogsters out there. Sweet dreams.


Mama Podkayne said...

I'll bring you some! And some jam. Today, maybe? I'll call later.

New Teaching Mom said...

I, too, cringe at mail! I hate the stack that piles up in no time at all!

Thanks for visiting my site. Yes, Austin's chair reclines too. It is an Invacare Storm TDX.

Bobblehead said...

Hey, I horde, too, and snail mail is usually no good anymore. Too much junk, no delete key.
Like the blog. Will keep stopping by.