Tuesday, February 5, 2008


It has been a great week. It all started with the surprise party my husband threw for me. He had accomplices, but the idea was all his. There were people there from local to Quincy, IL. I was so shocked. It was great. I can't even tell in words how loved I feel. To know that these people dropped everything for one night just to celebrate some girl turning 30. I feel blessed.

Our weather has once again driven us inside. That's so OK with me. I remember the days of having to go to a job outside the home. Ick. My hubby is even having to drive my van as his is broken down at the moment, so I am not running errands or anything...yahoo!

Today was such a great day. A good homeschool day. We did math to our little hearts content. We did so well that I forgot language arts. Whoops. But we did read. Older DS is really digging the Magic Tree House books. So am I! Does anyone remember those pick-your-own ending books from the 80's? I loved those things and think I want to read some. I really want to pre-read anything my sons read, so I might as well start now. As I write, I can hear DS reading to himself in his bed. So wonderful. I almost cry. And you know what? We don't have to get up for school tomorrow, so he can read all night for all I care. He is READING.

I want to thank all of you for the patience with my absent writing. I really have writers angst. I want to read all about others lives, but not write about my own. Thank you for having such interesting lives. I plan to complete a couple of tag-me posts while I check blogs tonight. I just love you all and if you're in the area, travel safely!


Adam said...

Happy birthday dearest!

I'd send a DVD, but somehow, the age demographic doesn't seem to fit ;)

Have a splendid week!

Christine said...

Happy birthday!

Laura@lifedreamed said...

Happy belated B-day!