Monday, September 22, 2008

Teeth and lice

I almost forgot to record this event--the first eye tooth has been lost! (Is that called an inciser)? Now I can't even remember the day, but I know it was this month. Boy #1 was working on it at the bathroom sink, and whoops, down it went! So that was a bummer, and he was afraid that he wouldn't get any money. Lo and behold, even the tooth angel (as we call it) forgot the money. My clever husband remedied this situation. He was home briefly in the morning, and asked if Boy 1 had been to the bathroom. He said yes. DH then asked, then how could you miss this? Boy 1 came running, to find the money in the sink--where he'd lost the tooth in the first place. Very clever, I say.

On another note, head lice has been in the house. The neighbor girl has lice and told us (after we took her to church). It is confirmed that I have it--I hugged her just recently. I'm taking the boys to the clinic tomorrow. Oh, and vinegar does not work. This has been the day from hell.


sarah said...

Yippe for the tooth! Yucky for the head lice. I hope it gets better soon!

Adam said...

Oh yuck!!!

I'm sitting here compulsively scratching my head now...oof! Having kiddos with lice sounds awful...but having it yourself would truly be the worst of all. One would think you'd be at a really low risk for lice, seeing as your little guys don't go to the breeding! Lo and behold, you lucked out anyhow!

Enjoy the *scratch* lice! Oof! Here's hoping they go soon!

wheelchair vans toronto said...

Very very clever on the tooth! and congrats to the little one!

I'm sorry for the lice. I hope you get rid of them!