Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Thrifting Faith

I exersize a lot of my faith by shopping at thrift stores. Sound weird? I'll explain. Whenever we need something non food related, I hit our local thrift stores. Just 3 weeks into soccer season, oldest boy tells me that his cleats are too small. Great. It's very hard to find cleats under $20. So I go to the wonderful Goodwill store, and low and behold there is a like new pair of Nike cleats. Amazing--we praised God right there in the store. It might seem small, but there is such satisfaction in ringing up a $2.50 pair of cleats. One, we are reminded that God takes care of all of our needs. Two, I feel so anti-consumeristic (is that a word?) At least I know a good middleman is getting a cut, and that it's not coming directly from the sweatshops.

On another note, I have some wise sayings from my oldest:
(While in said thrift store)
Me: Could you reach me that shirt off the rack?
Him: (Sighing, but compliant)
Me: (Looking at shirt)
Him: Mom, it's too short for you.
Me: How do you know?
Him: I'm just a sensitive boy.

I laugh and agree...we did not buy the shirt.

Another unrelated conversation with the oldest, today.
(He comes in from skateboarding with a scraped ankle)
Him: It hurts! I wish they made ankle pads.
Me: They do.
Him: They do?
Me: They're called socks.
Him: Nooo. Wait, oh. (Goes into room for a pair of socks).

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