Friday, February 27, 2009

A day of recovery

Well, it's now way too late (early) on a Friday morn, and I am unable to sleep. Note: don't have coffee so late in the day. Thurs. (yesterday) was a day of relatively nothing, but I'm going to post anyway, so lucky you! Oldest was recovering from an all day fever he had on Wed. Our Krispy Kreme trip was a hit--especially with the youngest. With arrival time at 8am, we were lucky to only be a few min. late. I was not concerned about my oldest lack of energy as per the aforementioned evil early morning. So when we came home and he promptly went to sleep, I wasn't surprised, as we homeschoolers don't rise that early. Well, after several hours of sleep, he was still a bit frumpy and not hungry. Odd. It wasn't until early afternoon, when a friend and her kids were over (sorry, Dawn) that I realized he may have a fever. (Here is when I insert my apologies for possibly exposing the whole meetup group, as well). Oldest went on to sleep most of the evening, and awoke on Thurs. with only a tummy ache.

The story doesn't end there. Youngest had a touch of the frumps on Thurs. I never took his temp; he just wanted to lay around, but was still up for eating. All things said, we missed "park day" on Thurs. All is well now: boys to bed early, watched Survivor with hubby, and stayed up reading blogs. Oh, oh, I almost forgot! We ordered the gargantuan tent and camping stove on Thurs. We should at least get the tent on Monday. Then our tentative plan is to go see the Abe Lincoln museum, or something like that. It's still undecided.

On the nutrition front: I had my first green smoothie in a while. I need to have these, as they keep one regular, and cancer-free! On the menu for tomorrow (today): Kale chips. Woo-hoo!

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juliecache said...

glad we didn't do the meet-up outing...