Monday, February 2, 2009

I love being thrifty!

Who else loves going in to a musty, semi-dirty thrift store? Am I the only one? It's the thrill of the hunt. Before I went this time, I prayed for some snow boots for ds 1, as he has way outgrown his size 2's. Well, you can imagine what I got. No, they aren't exactly his size, but I didn't pray for that (note to self). They are brand new, red--his favorite color. Also got some future size boots, cool "skater" boy hats, a scarf to add to my fettish, and some vhs to add excitement to our life. When I actually find my camera, I will post the booty. Maybe I will have to settle for a cell phone pic...I'll try that soon.

Well, also on the blessings front, this is what's goin' down: Hubby's route was supersized. Not so fun on the back, but nice on the pocketbook. Other delivery companies have closed, so ours is picking up the business. Along with that, we had to invest in a bigger truck. It all works out--the pay increase will more than cover it. Thank you, Jesus. I'm not sure if I've ever talked about tithing on here. Let me give you a quick tithe 101: Always do it. The minute we don't give to God financially, we (personally) have bad (really bad) things happen. Now, God is a loving God, but there are spirtual laws of sowing and reaping that really do work.

Quick update--ds 1 is sniffly. And he hates it when I make him sit with his nose over a cup of steamy liquid. So please pray he heals quickly!

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Laura@lifedreamed said...

I'm so happy for you. I love good finds, too. It is thrilling!