Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wii are doing fine

Sorry it's been so long, again. Did I ever tell you we got a Wii for Christmas? Oh, I didn't? It's because the fighting had not begun. The playing starts out all nice and friendly, but escalates into, "Stop killing me." Or, "I want to be the storm trooper." To add to the excitement, we also just purchased the wii fit. That one is exciting, because it's for hubby. He wants to work out and get fit without paying monthly for a membership somewhere. I laughed so hard I was crying when I watched him do the hula hoop exercise. Man that was funny.

School is going well. We're working on spelling, hardcore, with the oldest, and working on learning to read with the youngest. I have not had proud parenting moments the last few days. Could be pms, could be that son #1 test is coming up. He will be tested as a second grader. That means all we've done up until now have better been right! (According to the state of IA).

On another homeschooling note, we are touring Krispy Kreme tomorrow. That should be fun. I'll have to let go of my organic foodiness for at least an hour. We are also very much enjoying the Webkinz site. The boys are enjoying taking care of their virtual pets. You know the scary thing? We agreed with the boys that if they kept the toy room clean for one whole month, they could get a dog. Darn if they aren't on day 12. Crap--I didn't really think they'd do it. Looks like we will be checking into a dog soon.

Another dream of ours is soon to be fulfilled. We love to travel. Traveling is expensive--unless you stay in a tent! How are we to do this, you ask? We get a huge canvas one with no floor, and a wood burning stove. That's right folks, we are the new and improved camping family. I'm pretty excited, but I did have to work up to it. Wheelchair + camping = not always a good time. But I'm hopeful that with my hubby's camping skills, and my sons' enthusiasm, we'll make it through.

Thanks for listening, oh, and she's already on my blogroll, but I want you all to read this post:


Adam said...

Will you please take me along to Krispy Kreme? I could so go for a piping hot doughnut (or 12).


Anonymous said...

Let us know when you do some of your tent camping. We still have a tent and would totally love to tag along sometime!

Becky said...

ooo ooo me too, either on warm Krispy Kremes, or on tent camping. Both make me crazy with anticipation, and gloriously happy during the participation.