Saturday, May 9, 2009

Finally Goin' a-Campin'

Well, the plans are somewhat in place. We are going to see the land of Lincoln (Springfield, IL). While planning to see the museum and some other Lincoln-ish sites around the area, the kids also want to see castles. We've been reading a bedtime story book on castles lately, so I thought that maybe there'd be some close by. I actually didn't expect to find 3 of them in the state of IL. Unfortunately, they are almost 4 hours from the Springfield area, but they are still on our itinerary as a possibility. While I'd rather go to a warmer climate (AZ, TX), I know that frugality is leading us to travel closer to home.

The boys are staying up later and later. Maybe it's just my laziness, but it's kind of fun to let them be up. We do have a normal bedtime routine, but it can be fun to break that for a season. Why not? They don't have to be anywhere the next morning (usually). It's so great to be free. The boys also attended the final Awana ceremony, thus ending our 08-09 year of Awanas. It's bittersweet to see them moving up to different classes next year. That will put hubby and I in a (possibly) different teaching opportunity--we'll see where God leads.

Looking forward to Mother's day, and having our acoustic, coffee shop set on Sunday morning at church. It will be different, and also be followed by going to my favorite restaurant. That night we will go to my nephews birthday party, so also no cooking there. I know that it is necessary to spend time in the kitchen for my families health, I'm glad to have a break on "my" days :)

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Jeff said...

hope you had fun camping :) i love camping, especially since i got my action trackchair :) check it out