Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Stumbling onto Inspiration

Sorry this isn't part two yet, but I had to share today's inspiration. Somehow I happened upon a book talk given by Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus (http://www.theminimalists.com/etr/) tonight. Hubs and I went and it was packed. Their story is a bit like ours: finding out truly what the important things in life are, and pointing their life in that direction. They left good paying jobs for the security of freedom. They shed possessions; they shed relationships that did not benefit their life. They taught me, again, that we are all moving forward, getting better. My oldest son and I had the same idea separately, then happened to share with each other that we felt we should eat light during the day, then with the family, eat a regular meal at night. That seems like a random statement, but it just shows that our inherent nature is to grow, get better, do better. Although our human-ness may fail us, we have each other to keep us accountable!

Another odd but very vivid dream I will share here just to get it off my chest: It was around my birthday, and I was handed a 97 billion dollar check. I know, crazy, right? I was so overjoyed, I immediately called my loved ones mortgage companies. As I was on the phone with none other than Wells Fargo, I heard a representative answer. I hung up, realizing that this check would take weeks to clear. What does that mean to me right now? Well, my impression after waking was that I need to wait for His leading before making big moves, agreeing to things, etc., even if they seem good at the time.

For example, we were just looking into land to buy. We were looking like mad for a couple weeks. We even told some family. It came to a dead stop when we realized our house wasn't worth what we thought. Plus, we really want to give the asset of a paid off house to our children someday, while still somehow paying for land they could use down the road. Our house is quite urban, so there isn't much growth to be had. While all this is shelved for a later date, I learned a valuable lesson. Even if you go full boar into a new direction, keep your mind and spirit open when there are road blocks. Step back, and truly listen to Him. It may not be time. That's okay, there are always three answers: No, yes, and not now.

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