Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Texas Trip, Take One!

We just returned from a month long trip to Texas. This trip had dual purpose. You see, our poor wheelchair van that we bought in 2004 is not up for our many trips. She's an awesome girl. Runs great, but at over 200,000 miles, would you be wanting to go cross country? So, back to Texas. We purchased a 2010 van that is, wait for! I know that means nothing to anyone but me, but I have been dreaming of a blue vehicle my whole life. When you get a wheelchair or adapted vehicle, you tend to keep them a long time--it's a pricey investment! It just so happens all of my vehicles have been red. Anyway, this blue van (we need a name, people!) was purchased by us in it's normal state. That is, it had no way for my wheelchair to enter. When we purchased this beauty February 9th, we never knew that it would be over two months that we'd actually see the finished product!

Working with our great friend Tim at (shameless plug!) he set us up with the place that would be adapting our van. It just so happens that the place is in Texas. Drive to Texas in February? Get out of winter? Bummer (snark). Fast forward to February 24th: leaving day. Our intent is to tow the new van down with the motor home. It's so cold in Iowa that day, and my job is to guide the van onto the tow dolly. A few tries later and it is on. Only some front skirting was bent in the process, but we figured the van adaption place would take care of that. Now there was only two stops and 12 hours between now and our destination. Oh, did I mention it is stinking cold in Iowa in February? And that our motor home furnace was not working? Remember my aversion to cold? That first leg of the journey sucked. There is no other word for it.

Our first leg of the journey was to get to Kansas City, MO. Tim and his family happen to live there, serving and learning at the International House of Prayer. Thank God it's only three hours from us. We were able to fellowship and stay a couple nights for a visit. I will have to share about how we met this awesome family in a future blog post. Upon leaving Kansas City, we had to make a sharp turn out of their apartment complex and put a minor scrape on the van in the process. It would be another three hours to get to our next destination, Ozark, MO.

Our long time friends, Jerry and Krista, were the next stop. Two evenings of catching up with them is so refreshing. Krista just opened up her own shop, She takes her true love for others and makes them feel awesome. This is her etsy store, but if you contact her through that, she can give you the address for her storefront shop in Ozark. We have such talented and wonderful friends in these two couples, and I am so thankful they let us crash with them on our way down to Texas.

Tune in for more on this story in my next post...

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