Friday, June 22, 2007


Well, exciting things sure did happen throughout the day! We lost our power from the horrendous storm that blew though here, at about 5:00. Just, might I add, as I was starting supper. We snacked for a while, played Chutes and Ladders by candlelight, then just got plain hungry. So off to the mall we went. A good food court and play area date. It was good for all of us. One bad thing that happened: when the aforementioned dinner cooking was beginning to happen, I had just turned the burner to high to start the rice boiling. When the power went out, you see, I did not turn the burner off. While we were at the mall, the power did come back on. Thank you Lord that you spared our house. It was filled with smoke and the smell of burning wild rice! We figured out it had been boiling (and burning) on high for 53 min.
So, all in all, a pretty eventful day. I have to admit, my patience level for the boys was at a low today. Lord, help me do better tomorrow.


Tyler Blake Jensen said...

Just read your blog and I think that you have to be more careful when cooking. It's dangerous. When Adam and I come back up there for a random excusion I don't want to find you all in a hotel somewhere... That is, if we could find it, which would be nearly impossible. Talk to you soon! Love, Tyler

Laura said...

i am glad to hear that the rice incident did not turn into anything worse.