Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Free Lunch!

Where have I been--this is the first I have heard about the free lunch program through the summer. Today was the first day of our free government hand out venture. Here's how it went:
I have to say, it's amazing that public schools have not changed since I was in school. For the most part, this elementary school looked the same as mine did in the early 80's. I find that to be really sad. We have new government buildings, shelters for the homeless, etc. etc., but can not scrounge up the finances to update a school. Smells of fresh paint wafted into the lunch room. (I left with a head ache). Star Wars posters hung all over the walls. Is this an educational center, or a dropping zone for busy parents? Yikes. I'm so glad we homeschool. Not to mention the lunch they haven't changed either. A woman? that strikes fear into any 6 year old heart. OK, hear ends the negative. Now the positive: free lunch. OK. So, we'll be going to the park next time free lunch rolls around. I figure that we have to pay property taxes for the school, we don't use the school, so we should go for free lunch (at least we're paying for something). Folks, I want everyone to research the beginning of public school, how it was all started. Tell me if you don't find that it has its roots in socialism...indoctrinating...check out this blog:
Pray for our nation. Pray for our children.

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juliecache said...

We've been to the free lunch at Legion Park -- it's still a school lunch. and it was free for the kids. I ate what the kids didn't, at the lunch ladies' suggestion, in order to make it free for me, too. I have the same feeling as you -- i ought to get my tax money's worth, so why not participate?