Friday, June 22, 2007

More about teeth...

This is good news, and just want to log it: E has a loose tooth! We discovered it Tues. June 19. In the midst of flossing his teeth, I saw an adult tooth popping through. We hadn't even discovered the loose tooth yet. I figured, it was probably loose, too. We tried it, and low and behold...looseness. I about cried. I'm sort of emotional. My first baby, his first loose tooth. OK, I'm done with the tooth bit.
I'm pretty excited, we now have a system in our hottub that is virtually chemical free. Just in time for the homeschool BBQ. I'll go ahead and post now, then pluck my brain for better things later.

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Laura said...

i'd be emotional, too!!! such big news. congratulations to him. is he excited about the tooth fairy?