Friday, January 23, 2009

25 Random Things about Moi

About half of my blogroll has this going on, so I'm just following the crowd (for once).

1. If Jesus hadn't of saved me, I don't know where I'd be.
2. I have 2 wonderful boys, ages 7 and 5.
3. One great husband of almost 9 YEARS!
4. My butt rarely sees the sunshine (but who's does, really)
5. I love to sing. I think I've always loved to sing...I have audio tapes of made-up songs and radio shows from when I was a kid.
6. My mom died 5 years ago this April. In fact, both parents I grew up with in my household have died--both of cancer.
7. My biological dad is still living--he lives 3 hours away.
8. Because of #7, I have a brother and a sister. I love them bunches.
9. I wert public schooled. (I really did enjoy it) But the 80's were different than today. They now have metal detectors at my high school.
10. I struggle with anger.
11. I love fire. In general, I like being warm. All the time.
12. We plan on having our house paid off before we are 40.
13. We eat organic, and rarely eat meat.
14. I am an interesting cook, but I'm getting better.
15. We are going to take mini-trips once a month. And stay in a tent.
16. I'm doing the best job in the world--being a mom and wife.
17. My house is cluttered. It bugs me, but I get overwhelmed when I try to reign it in.
18. I want dreds. I may get them for my birthday (FEB!)
19. I not only homeschool, but I teach the preschool age at our church.
20. I want to help the poor, elderly, and orphaned.
21. Coffee and tea is wonderful
22. I am trying my hand at gardening, and plan to do some commune-type gardening so that I don't have to take care of 10 differents crops.
23. I heart blogs--they enrich my life and teach me.
24. Reading is a renewed passion in my life.
25. I will be a winter bird some day, as Iowa is so d*** cold.


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Anonymous said...

Intersting cook...I love it;)