Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Thoughts, oh, and the tooth.

First, I did not watch the inauguration. I don't think I even watched Bush #2's inauguration. I think I did watch Clinton's only because I was a young adult then, and my parents were liberal. Now the issue is that I just don't watch TV, unless it's Survivor or a movie. In college, I loved TV to get away from reading. Now, I get away from TV to read.

Anyway, I knew I wasn't going to watch it. Why? Well let me tell you about something that made me cry inside. On our local news, there was a mini-parade honoring our soon to be president. Do you know what he was riding on? A donkey. There was also a woman waving a palm branch. Does any of this ring a bell? No, I say, this man in not our messiah. I felt so ashamed--like what is our country allowing? He may instill hope in America, that's great. We need it. But people are carrying this too far. What I foresee happening is that he will instill hope, America will start buying crap from foreign nations more than ever, and our economy will heal. Yipee. Sorry to be so bleak, but how much more end times can we get?

Moving on to more positive--well, kid-related events. My youngest son had a tooth removed as nature did not intend. It's sad that his first tooth had to be so unpleasant. But, he survived and was so brave. We did lots of hand puppets (his favorite) and had some good laughs together. If I didn't say from the last post, he did not need nitrous oxide. He had the max dose of Novocaine. All of his cavities are starting in between his teeth. Also, his teeth are so small and tight together like mine were. Poor guy. Oh well, at least with teeth we get a second chance.

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Anonymous said...

Hey WM,
I was checking to see if you had a Facebook page, and come to find out you have your own Blogspot! Yay! I'll be checking in to hear about your latest thoughts and adventures.
Love and miss you!
J in Texas