Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No, I'm not still in the elevator...

I'll shortly wrap up the elevator story in a bit. First, some thoughts rambling in my head. "Sayings from the chillins,'" and 2 more lost teeth for December 2008. Here we go.

#1: "I need overalls and to color my hair yellow."
me: (thoroughly confused). "Whhyyy?"
#1: "Then I'll be like Dennis the Menace. I do have a slingshot."

God gave me children to make me not be so serious. I just had to burst out laughing on this one. How random.

Second, tooth # ? happened sometime at the beginning of the month. Tooth # ? happened while out of town at a campground with hubby's family on Dec. 27th. More on that trip in a later post. Sorry for the saga of the oldest's teeth; I just have to get it down on "paper"as a memory.

OK, now for the "rest of the story..." Last post left me yelling for my sons', as I recall. Oldest hears me, and goes to get a librarian. Right about then, I'd wished I hadn't left the house so darn fast. I always leave my dang cell phone. Oh well. I happen to have paper and pen in my purse and send oldest on an errand to have librarian call hubby. Who knows how long I will be here? I want him to come with my mobile ramp to hitch me off this ride. I realize at this point, I have a choice. I can be ticked off, or have a good attitude. I picked the good attitude. Yahoo me. We homeschool--we don't really have to be anywhere.

So the librarians fiddle with the buttons, but to no avail. It would be 10-15 minutes until the repair guy would show. Woo hoo. Shortly after, hubby came to the rescue b4 the repair guy arrived. I was safely out to the bottom floor. There was no way up their steep steps back to the main level--my ramp's not that glorious, so we were "stuck" on the childrens' book floor. The chair lift had to be fixed, or else I'd be sleeping at the library that night. Lo and behold, it was "fixed" and I was set free. I'm not saying completely fixed, folks. It barely got me to the main level. I will never ride that thing again.

Love to all!


novemberheart said...

Whew!! I'm so glad you're not still there! I went there yesterday and looked for ya, but didn't see ya. So, I got some makeup books and left. And, your kids are too cute! Dennis the Menace indeed. :-)

footwasher said...

I'm so glad you posted again, see now don't you feel better getting that out. it's like a cleansing of the mind to just get it out! i also am glad you are not still stuck there!

sarah said...

The museum t Ft. Des Moines has one of those elevator/lift things to get up to the first level. As we passed it I told Chris about your experience. Rather then carry Lydia and her stroller down the steep stairs he decided to take the lift- and it got stuck too!!!