Tuesday, January 13, 2009


On the search for a mercury-free dentist. Why, you ask? Oh, only that my 5 year old has horrible teeth. I feel like a wretch of a mother. Thursday was the day of my wee one's tooth extraction. The dentist then informed us to eat cold items the rest of the day. Ice cream...um, sugar? Here is a glimpse into my hindsight thinking. Children do not go to the dentist until they are school aged (5), or so I thought. I only have my father to ask, and he also told me I did not go until then. So dutifully, I brought my oldest when he was 5. My first tip off should have been when my oldest had cavities. Just a fluke, I thought. I'm 30 and have never had cavities.

Last Wednesday after art class, youngest keeps saying his chin hurts. Odd, so we stop in to see a dentist. Maybe he can look? Of course not. So we make an appt. Well, by the time I drive back over to our side of town, I'm really concerned. He is still crying. We get to the grocery store to buy some gum numbing agent. By the time we are home, his face is swelling. This is not just his mouth. I take him to the walk-in clinic, praying that we don't get something that is actually contageous, only to wait an hour with a boy throwing up in the waiting room. Enter praise moment: The r.n. on call is anti immunizations. Holy cow. We had a good talk--her name is Monika A. and she works there on Mon, Wed, and Sat. (note to self).

The doctor does not know what this swelling is. A blood test is taken. His white count is 11. High is 13. Finally I just ask if she could, as a doctor's order, refer me immediately to a dentist. Dentist land will not take me if it's not an emergency. They would also need him on antibiotics (which he now has). For being so patient, I want to give my little one anything he wants. He's had such a rough day. He insists on Arby's--remember we hadn't eaten all night, and it was already 8:30.
We had a surprisingly healthy meal, and more bonding time. I love that kid. I'll have to tell you about the extraction day later. I'm tired. Good night.


zamozo said...

Our family dentists, the Dr.s Sharpe (Sharpe Family Dental) in WDM are mercury free, kind and gentle with kids. Good luck.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

I'm sorry to hear about all this. Camden has had his share of teeth issues. Holden has had a few fillings over the years. Our dentist does a white filling option if you ask. We love their pediatric team. They are very kind and professional. It is Mancuso, Barsetti, Whittimore. They are in Windsor Heights near Walmart. We have used Mancuso the most but Whittimore is good too.

Good luck and hugs.

novemberheart said...

Ooooh...Sorry to hear about all the tooth trouble. Ouchy. I hope he feels better soon. Poor baby. I'm glad you found a doctor you like.

Laura@lifedreamed said...

I thought around age five for the dentist, too. Then with D I haven't gotten around to making the appointment. I have never had a cavity and my parents were poor with no dental. I think my first appointment was at the age of 15 so I didn't really think it a priority. I guess I should get moving on finding a pediatric. Thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

Angie, Can I get the name of the denist you use in Omaha?

Tammy D (Nikki's mom...your neighbor across the street)